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The Real Estate Institute of Queensland has just released some interesting information on the state's rental market, which will be good news for investors. Vacancy rate data for September reveals the Queensland property market is [...]

Speculation continues over the future of Australia's interest rates but, for now at least, the Reserve Bank of Australia has decided to leave the cash rate unchanged at 2.0 per cent.   Following the RBA Board meeting earlier this [...]

A decision by Government to repeal the Valuers Act 2003 has set alarm bells ringing for real estate professionals in New South Wales. The move will see the deregulation of the valuing industry in NSW which the Real Estate Insti [...]

With Australia again enduring an El Nino period - and temperatures generally increasing every year - it may be time to re-think our gardens. Not just the way we irrigate them, but also what we plant, when, and how we can protect them. Fa [...]

So all the family has decided to come to your place for Christmas and, with just weeks to go, you've gone into a major panic! You look around the house - and check your bank account - and realise the options are limited. What to do? [...]

It's an interesting fact that more and more owners are choosing to market their business for sale privately, boosting their return by not having to pay expensive broker fees.

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