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Suggest to somebody that they sell their property or business privately and quite often you'll be met by a look of horror! But tell them they will still have access to professional services

There's been a lot of talk in the media lately about first home buyers being priced out of the market. Indeed, June housing figures show that investors accounted for more than 40% of $32 billion in property sales, while first home buyers [...]

If somebody offered you a lump sum of cash, anything from $10,000 upwards, no strings attached, you'd take it, right?

From clothes to computers, and works of art to miracle cures, everybody's doing it - using the Internet to shop! And that's why more and more people are ditching brokers and selling their business

Everything old is new again; what goes around comes around - we've all heard the idioms. And when it comes to interior design it's actually very true. But most importantly, it says to me, have the courage of your convictions! If you [...]

When it comes to real estate, we have been conditioned to believe that buying or selling is difficult

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Until now online real estate movies have had a huge production cost attached, putting them beyond the marketing budget of most private sellers. MYREALESTATEVOICE.COM.AU