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Moving in the first house that you’ve bought is certainly an exciting and memorable moment. Property ownership will mark a new phase in your life and give you the freedom and the flexibility that you deserve. When getting ready to move in [...]

As a private property seller, you are probably asking yourself one important question – how to sell my house fast. The amount of time a listing is going to spend on the market depends on numerous factors.You have control over some of those [...]

Choosing the right buyer for your business should involve much more than price considerations. A complex approach will guarantee much better results, the stability of your company in the long run and the security of your employees.

Congratulations, you’ve just sold your house! As happy as the moment is, it may also be connected to some confusion. You have to start organising a move but what stays in the house and what are you free to take?

Entrance hallway design often remains underestimated because property sellers focus on other aspects of interior design and home decoration. The entry hall, however, is the first part of the house that the potential buyers see. As such, it can [...]

Home staging will make your house more attractive and enable buyers to imagine what it would be like living there. In order to deliver the best results, however, home staging has to be personalised and creative.

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