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The decision to stop renting and to buy your own one is a major one. This is why so many individuals feel reluctant about it. Are you plagued by uncertainty? Wondering whether you should postpone home buying for one or two more years? There [...]

Certain home improvements add value to your property and boost the attractiveness of the listing. If you’re considering a private property sale, you’ll need to assess these opportunities in advance.

Thinking about a home redesign project in 2015? Are you about to sell property privately or maybe you’ve just moved in a brand new house? If so, you should certainly acquaint yourself with some of the hottest 2015 interior design trends.

One aspect of selling your business is rarely spoken about. Most guidebooks and articles focus on the strategy needed for a successful sale but few discuss the impact of handing your company to someone else.

Real estate experts predict that 2015 is going to be the year of the millennial property buyer. The millennials are individuals born after the early 1980s and their real estate preferences are completely different from what previous generat [...]

Thinking about moving, getting your house ready for a sale, negotiating with potential buyers and making sure that your kids are happy throughout the process – it could be a difficult task. Getting little ones used to the change will be very [...]

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