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Whatever business you are in, the likelihood is that it will only survive if you make sales. Be it a cafe or a consultancy, a motel or a mechanical workshop, it all hinges on attracting customers and making sales. And as we all know, that [...]

So, you've bought an accommodation business, opened the doors, and you're waiting for guests to arrive. The trouble is, you're not getting the numbers or the frequency that you hoped for. This was supposed to be easy, a lifestyle [...]

One thing we know for sure: our customers are quicker to criticise, than to praise! So what's the best way to handle negative comments? Nobody likes criticism, particularly if they feel they are working hard to do a good job. The reason [...]

How often have you walked up to a store, ready to spend money, but been put off by the shop front display - or lack of it? Now apply that theory to your own business! The way you present your business to potential customers is vitally impo [...]

Food waste is a major issue in Australia, in terms of cost and the environment. And it is a problem faced by many, from domestic households to the hospitality industry. A study conducted by Melbourne University last year concluded that around [...]

It seems impossible to switch on the TV these days without seeing an advertisement for insurance. From the cheapest car insurance to funeral cover and pet insurance, we're bombarded with reasons why we need it. Some people insure every [...]

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