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New South Wales Select Lawn Mowing State Master Franchise

Select Lawn Mowing is offering a fantastic opportunity, where you can earn an excellent income with a low entry point, and the ability to grow the business to whatever size you wish. Now that's an offer that's hard to beat!
You get:
-A licence to operate the entire NSW state lawn mowing and garden maintenance business using systems and procedures fully developed by Franchisor
-A profitable and easy to operate business model
-Fully supported by the Franchisor and developed select systems

The NSW State Master for lawn mowing has the potential to receive income from five different sources:
1. Sales of all NSW Regional Masters agreement: NSW can be divided into 4-6 separate areas. Each area can be sold separately and have its own Select Lawn Mowing Regional Master.
2. Ongoing monthly royalty income from each individual Regional Master.
The NSW State Master can also develop and run their own areas all over NSW for lawn mowing and garden maintenance. Income will be generated by the following:
3. Sales of all Select Lawn Mowing Franchisees agreements
4. Monthly royalty income from all the individual Franchisee
5. Payment for all lawn mowing and gardening work carried out if the NSW State Master chooses to keep an area or areas for himself.
The Franchisor will give the NSW State Master training and support to help them start up and grow the business. All of the following has been completely organised:
Regional Master and Franchisee contracts and disclosure agreements, all training manuals and video for all the various garden services e.g. lawn mowing, edge trimming, pruning, etc, professional corporate uniforms, quotation and invoice books, exclusive signage and logos, work procedure manuals and computer system, marketing resources, videos and brochures and a professional website

This is a unique opportunity to generate more income then one person can create on their own by having a network of people working for them and growing the Select Lawn Mowing business.

A business of your own - but not ON your own

Call us today and find out more about this rare and great opportunity about starting your own business.


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New South Wales, New South Wales