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Patented Software – National Opportunity

Price: $145,000
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Beehaviour provides unique software that enables remote user testing and monitoring of user online behaviour for market research and user experience (UX) testing purposes, via desktop internet browser toolbar extensions.

Beehaviour uses this software to offer four services to the market:

• User experience testing for client websites (UX Testing)
• Micro journey analyses to support client understanding of user/customer online behaviour
• Evidence-based evaluations of client digital communications such advertisements and customer collateral
• Syndicated research and reporting on online browsing behaviour of entire cohorts.

Beehaviour’s software can track users’ online activity and present behavioural questions seamlessly across their entire web browsing session, to capture in-the-moment thoughts and feelings of any target audience. Beehaviour’s software provides a holistic view of user online behaviour that does not require stitching together of individual episodes.

Project-based for medium to large business clients in retail and pharmaceutical sectors, most recently Roche Australia (Top 5 pharmaceutical companies, globally). In addition, Tesco Supermarkets (UK) and AMEX Australia.

Beehaviour has deployed patented technology which does not have direct competition. Existing techniques deployed by UX/research agencies are subject to a number of limitations and have several disadvantages compared to Beehaviour. Beehaviour can build a complete picture of online customer behaviour. It is not subject to limitations caused by using piecemeal or high-level user data in isolation.

Technology has been deployed under two main pricing models:
• Consultancy model ~$60k per 2 month project: deploy technology in conjunction with market research consultancy services
• Licensing model ~$5k per month: licensing of software only for client to incorporate into their program of work without consultancy

• All BitBucket repository code which forms the basis for the business technology
• Innovation patent to support the protection of the technology in the form of intellectual property in its software.
• Innovation patent AU 2015101408 was issued on 28 September 2015. The innovation patent protects the method, system and computer program for recording online browsing behaviour.
• Domain name
• 3 months of assistance and support to integrate technology

It is recommended that buyers of the technology will need to be across, have access to, or hire software developers that work with the following programming languages/ technologies:

• Front end: javascript and HTML/CSS
• Experience developing toolbar extensions
• Backend: PHP, PostgreSQL

Price for the Patented Software $145K


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New South Wales, New South Wales