Published : 22 July 2015

No, this hasn't become a book review - it's a head's up on the latest home decorating trend! Grey often scares off renovators, who think the finished effect will be too cold and industrial. But grey is actually a top choice for versatility.
There are many ways grey can be used to stunning effect so don’t be afraid of it!

Don't be afraid of the grey

Grey makes a fantastic backdrop or can play a supporting role to other tones in the room. For example, grey can bring out darker woods.
We all talk about the importance of natural light in a room but, believe it not, there can sometimes be too much natural lighting, but you can tone it down with a little grey. The room will stay bright, but the grey will shade the room just enough to remove any glare.
And here's a handy tip for Australian householders - if you live in an area with a hot climate, grey is a natural shade that will actually trick you into feeling cooler
For artists and art-lovers, dark grey walls are perfect to showcase amazing and unique pieces. It's a great backdrop that won't detract from the art itself.
Another great way to use grey is by adding texture. Instead of choosing traditional flat grey paint, go for a semi-gloss paint and painting style to create a concrete effect.
Or pair grey with cool toned neutrals and add colour-pops, like a brightly coloured rug.

Don't hold back

And of course, if you admire that masculine, industrial look don't hold back! Let your imagination run riot and incorporate stone and metal into your design.
Interestingly enough, although grey is often seen as industrial, it's one of the best background colours to use if you favour antique furniture and fittings.
It is also a stunning kitchen colour, teamed up with classic stainless steel appliances and stone bench tops.
For a really dramatic look, combine grey and white walls and add black furniture and furnishings with brightly coloured scatter cushions to lead the eye.
Grey really is one of the most versatile colours you can use and there are so many ways to incorporate it into your home. It can be dressed up, dressed down, tone down a room, or create a bold statement without really trying.
It's modern and edgy, yet timeless and elegant. In colour psychology, grey is the shade that represents peace and balance, calm and safety.
The possibilities are endless.