Published : 13 April 2016

As Australia looks to clamp down on inferior building products - and may insist on the independent testing of some major materials, such as steel - we look at some of the latest building products on the market.

Just weeks away is this year's DesignBUILD expo at the Melbourne Convention Centre, an event which brings together architects, building professionals and contractors with manufacturers, suppliers and service providers, across the residential and commercial industry sectors.

The event will include a number of key speakers, who will deliver the latest news on building design and construction, and emerging trends in innovation and sustainability.


Revolutionary building products

It will also feature hundreds of exhibitors from around the world, and some of the most revolutionary buildings products ever seen.

One such exhibitor is Czech Republic company, Novatop, who supply comprehensive building solutions of large format components, made of cross-laminated timber, or CLT.

Known for its high strength, stability and amazing load-carrying capacity, CLT offers one of the best solutions for energy-efficient and passive houses, coupled with the beauty of natural wood.

Another exciting new building product is autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) blocks, which are not only very strong and versatile, but are a sustainable material, very quick and easy to build with, and better to live in. They are being exhibited by Belsie Pty Ltd.


High tech green solutions

Australia Fenco Low Carbon Construction Ltd Pty is a perfect example of high-tech, green solutions, making use of ceramic residuals and a variety of solid wastes to produce environmental friendly and energy-saving light-weight ceramic wall panels.

And as well as an amazing array of eco products, there will be plenty of expert advice available, from organisations such as Green Moves Australia, who specialise in providing independent advice on energy and resource efficiency.

DesignBUILD literally covers every topic when it comes to building and construction, from building materials to interior design, lighting and security, gardens and water, as well as the very latest in building technology, such as smart home automation and intelligent building systems.

There's no doubt that the push towards more energy-efficient technologies in new home construction is growing at a record speed. But these technologies can also be adapted for use in existing homes, particularly when renovating or extending a building.


Demand for eco-friendly homes

A survey of home buyers in the UK found that 63% wanted to buy a more environmentally friendly home, and an amazing 82% said they would pay more for one.

And in the Gippsland Lakes region of Victoria, a team of experts ranging from academics to eco experts, want to build a new and sustainable community that would powered entirely by locally sourced, off-grid renewable energy.

The Seacombe West Project is ambitious to say the least, but its supporters say it is doable. If it goes ahead it will no doubt strengthen the demand for, and provision of, more sustainable housing design and even more eco-friendly products.