Published : 16 December 2015

Oh my goodness, it's only days until Christmas and there are still gifts to buy!! Well, if you have a gardener in the family, gift-buying is easy! There are heaps of lovely ideas that don't have to cost the earth and will give joy for years to come. Here are a few ideas.


The obvious gift! But it doesn't have to be boring. Perhaps there is a particular plant that special someone has been searching for. Or they would really like a fruit tree but haven't had the spare money to go and buy it.

And then there are the really unusual, even bizarre plants they may not even know about, but would cause quite a stir around the Christmas tree!

When choosing a plant as a gift, just be aware of where it is going. For example, is it for indoors or outdoors? Is it for a native garden or a tropical garden? Cool climate or hot and arid? If you're not sure you can always get friendly advice at the garden centre or nursery.




If you're on a tight budget - or perhaps it is a gift for a child to give - how about a fun selection of plant and vegetable seeds? To make the gift extra special, you could buy a pretty plant pot, a basket, or even something old and interesting like a metal pail, and fill it with packets of seeds.




If you are buying a gift for a beginner a gardening book is a great idea. Choose a book packed with information on the different types of plants appropriate for the area - a complete planting guide really!

For the more advanced gardener you might choose an inspirational book, with glorious photographs of gardens throughout the world.




Garden tools are always a great gift idea, as a keen gardener is always on the lookout for something new. Perhaps they need a replacement for a favourite tool that broke or wore out, or you could surprise them with the latest must-have gadget!


Gardening Almanac


Another good gift idea is a calendar with gardening theme, or a gardener's almanac, which gives complete information on weather, what to plant in different climates, and when to prune.




Another good one for a low budget gift. Gardeners are forever wearing out or losing gloves and an extra pair is always useful.


Kneeling pads


A very clever idea that they will thank you for! Choose from the type that straps on to the leg for gardeners who move around a lot, or one that sits on the ground - perfect if you will be in one spot for a while. Choose one with lots of padding, that's easy to clean.


Pots and planters


Definitely a fail-safe gift, this one! Have a look around the garden to get an idea of their taste - modern, antique, colourful, terracotta and so on. If it's for a cottage garden a visit to your local antique store or junk shop might throw up some interesting finds, such as an old milk churn, rustic watering can or metal bucket.


Bird feeders


Most gardeners love to watch birds and wildlife visiting their garden, so a bird feeder is always a good gift. Choose one that is easy to fill, durable and easy to clean - and buy a small bag of birdseed to go with it, so it can be put to immediate use! You might also consider a bird bath or even a nesting box.


Gift certificate


If all else fails there's always the good old gift certificate! Choose one from a nursery, garden centre or DIY store close to the recipient's home and they can go and choose exactly what they want when it suits them. Perfect!