Black & White Can Sometimes Be Right

Published : 17 June 2015

I was watching a home reno show the other day. The little terraced house needed a lot of work but one thing it did have was a gorgeous, Victorian black and white tiled floor in the kitchen and the bathroom.

What a find, I thought, so jealous. So imagine my horror when the TV crew re-visited the renovated house and the floors had been carpeted!

The point is, despite the amazing colours available in paint today, it doesn't always have to be all about colour. Simple black and white - with pops of vibrant hues, such as red or purple - can make a huge statement.

Serving up style

Two rooms where you can definitely get away with black and white are the kitchen and the bathroom. This is a particularly good idea if the rooms are small, as white will open up the space and black will provide definition.

It's sophisticated, stylish and, best of all, timeless. And you can choose between that classic Victorian style, or a more modern, almost optical illusion look.

Don't be afraid of the dark

Many people shy away from black because "it will show the dust", "it's too gloomy", "it's depressing". But it really isn't. Renovating my house, the first thing I did was paint the 70s pine kitchen cupboards high gloss black. Throw in some stainless steel appliances and some coloured retro appliances, and you've got a designer look that cost very little.

If it's a bit too dark for your liking, how about adding white stone or marble bench tops? And go for those magical black and white floor tiles, or just high gloss white, with matching splash-back.

Or you could keep your walls white and hang framed black and white sketches or plates.

The bold and the beautiful

It's really all about being brave and bold. Confident. If you really want to take the plunge, check out some of the stunning black and white wallpapers and fabrics now available. Or go all out with a crazy 60s geometric pattern

One bedroom I saw had white walls, painted white floorboards, and white bed linen. But it also had a jet black feature wall behind the bed, and black cushions on the bed. Stunning!

Once you've created your overall black and white look, it's time to accessorise and really, the sky's the limit here. Thinks pops of colour with bright cushions, vibrant flowers or a plant, an eye-catching lamp or a huge piece of abstract art.

Because the thing is, people rarely remember or talk about a beige room, do they? Your home, your decorating, is all about you and it should express who you are.