Published : 21 October 2015

With Halloween just around the corner your thoughts may well be turning to some spooky dark decorations to give your home a creepy atmosphere. A skeleton there, a spider there, all ready for those trick-or-treaters.

But have you considered utilising the same dark hues - minus the skeleton and the spider - to re-decorate your home?

Dark hues on-trend for 2016

Dark, rich colours will be very on-trend next year, as we look towards bold new interior design ideas.

The trend started this year, as we saw a move away from stark white kitchens and bathrooms, to the more dramatic use of darker hues, even black.

Yes, black is most definitely back in 2016, bringing with it both elegance and bold statement.

Dark and dramatic

The beauty of these stronger hues is that they can be used for dark and dramatic, or to create a clean, sharp look.

Taking the latter first, we will see a move back to those classic Victorian black-and-white tiled floors and walls, creating a look that is both dramatic and fresh.

A twist on that for the adventurous is black and silver, a match made in heaven and so contemporary.

Think chrome, think stainless steel

Think home office decorated in blacks and greys with chrome furniture and accessories.

Think black and white kitchen with stainless steel benchtop and appliances.

For a stylish bedroom that appeals to both him and her, choose slate walls and silver grey blinds, with silver framed pictures on the wall and Indian silver jewellery boxes and trinkets for show.

A black faux throw on the bed, with black and silver scatter cushions completes this gorgeous bold look.

Black also works exceptionally well as a base colour set off by exuberant, almost neon colour pops of green or turquoise.

If you feel you really can't go the whole hog with black, opt for navy blue - very on-trend this year and continuing into 2016.

Team with white, grey or silver for a dramatic, yet refined design.

The truly dramatic will choose rich reds, purples and chocolates to bring out their bohemian side!

As with black, these luscious colours blend so well with silver or even gold, depending on whether you prefer chic or opulent.

Dark colours immediately make a room feel intimate, romantic, so they are perfect for the bedroom or lounge. It's all about creating mood and ambiance.

Remember, you can create a toned down version of any of these looks by painting just a feature wall, rather than the whole room.

So let your imagination run riot and don't be afraid of making a big bold statement with colour in 2016.