Published : 2 March 2016

Over the past few years our homes have become increasingly hi-tech, with amazing security systems, energy control and operation, remote this and remote that. In fact, it's getting to the stage where you can 'control' your home from anywhere, by simply using an app on your mobile phone.

But there is one room in the house that seems to have largely missed out on all this - and that's the bathroom.

Yes, we have new tap and shower designs to save water, and a few more nifty little gadgets but nothing you would describe as mind-boggling - until now!

Because according to futurologist Dr Ian Pearson, the future of the humble bathroom is about to change forever!


Fancy a robotic pedicure?

If you thought your electric toothbrush was hi-tech, how about this? In less than 25 years, Dr Pearson reckons our bathrooms will include 'smart mirrors' which can perform health checks, and robots to carry out myriad bathroom functions, including performing a pedicure!

By 2025 Dr Pearson says the modern bathroom will include recognition software, for personalisation of lighting and entertainment systems. The speakers and screens for the latter will be our wall and floor tiles.

By 2040, he says, we will have the smart mirrors, bathroom robots and modified air-conditioning to control smells, scents, germs and pollen.

However, if you can't wait that long, there are a couple of gizmos on the market now that you might like!


The Lamborghini of toilets

Control4 is a app-controlled home automation system that will wirelessly control the temperature of your bathroom, type and volume of music you want while you bathe, and customised lighting.

Peek-a-boo privacy glass is a very clever design feature that allows you to have huge windows in your bathrooms, however close the neighbours are, and then, at the flick of a switch, change the transparency.

The Seura Enhanced Series television mirror will bring the future even closer, as it's certainly on the way to becoming a smart mirror. For now, however, you can only use it to watch TV.

One of my personal favourites when it comes to hi-tech bathroom gizmos is Kohler's DTV II digital showering system.

The system allows users to customise the temperature and spray of their shower with the press of a button. The device can also control lighting - including amazing LED-illuminated showerheads - and in-built audio speakers.

Suitable for just about any home, digital shower systems are proving to be particularly useful for people with mobility issues, who may find it hard to use twist or lever-style tap ware.

Then, of course, there's the Numi toilet from Kohler - often referred to as the Lamborghini of toilets! The super sleek, ultra hi-tech design incorporates an automatic lid and flush, bidet, integrated air dryer (yep, you read that right!), heated seat and foot warmer, Bluetooth connectivity, a deodoriser and, naturally, this toilet can be remotely operated!

So take a seat, ladies and gentlemen, and enjoy the future!