Five of The Hottest 2015 Interior Design Trends

Published : 17 January 2015

Thinking about a home redesign project in 2015? Are you about to sell property privately or maybe you’ve just moved in a brand new house? If so, you should certainly acquaint yourself with some of the hottest 2015 interior design trends. These will make your house more attractive or easier to sell, depending on the goal that you’re pursuing.

Interior design in 2015 is going to be incredibly bright, exciting and diversified. You have dozens of modern possibilities to choose among, which means that you’ll discover at least one style that corresponds to your aesthetic preferences.

The Coast to Coast property for sale time has decided to help you by putting together a list of the hottest 2015 interior design trends. Ready to start the countdown? Here are some of our top suggestions for your home.

1. Natural and Green

This trend has been gaining a lot of popularity over the past few years and it doesn’t seem to be losing prominence.

Make your home environment-friendly and comfortable by opting for natural materials. There are certain products like bamboo flooring, for example, that give you durability and green features at the same time.

Natural decorating materials, as well as nature-inspired patterns will be a major hit in 2015. The same applies to natural colour schemes. If you’re about the have those walls repainted, go for beige, brown, yellow, orange, light blue or green.

2. Black and White

Black and white decorations will boost the stylishness and the sophistication of your home immensely. There’s a reason why the combination is timeless – it looks spectacular and particularly elegant.

Black and white are considered neutral colours. They’ll allow interesting shapes and decorative patterns to shine through. At the same time, you can be really playful with the colour scheme. Incorporating different shades of grey and playing around with textures can turn the traditional black and white interior into something truly unexpected.

This trend is great if you want to execute a classic or a minimalist home interior.

3. Mixtures of Styles and Patterns (in Other Words, Break the Rules!)

That’s right, 2015 interior design is going to be all about breaking the rules. Though such decisions can be risky, they may potentially result in the creation of spectacular designs. Experts are predicting that many of the strictest interior design rules will get broken and the results are going to be spectacular.

The fusion of styles, materials and patterns may look busy, so if you don’t have interior design experience, you should probably avoid attempting this kind of execution. Working with a professional is going to be essential for the creation of visual harmony out of the chaos.

Curved minimalist lines can work perfectly with organic materials. The same applies to textured fabrics and patterned rugs. It’s all about finding the pieces that will complement each other and create engaging interiors.

4. Abstract and Minimalist Fixtures

Forget about the traditional chandeliers and start looking for abstract light fixtures. You can have a lot of fun with such accessories.

Bold shapes and sleek finishes will work together to turn the fixture into one of your home’s most noticeable decorative items. At the same time, you’ll find many functional shapes and minimalist executions on the market. You’ll simply need to pick the possibility that’s going to be a perfect fit for your interior design concept.

5. Smoked Glass Decorations

Who needs clear glass when you can do something much more exciting? Smoked glass will be very, very hot in 2015.

The lack of clarity adds a bit of mystery and a sense of something unexpected to the interior design. Many people will simply ignore glass because of its simplicity and clarity. The addition of smokey pieces to the interior design will change the situation completely.

Living room tables having a top part made of smoked glass are a wonderful selection for this part of the home. They have a slightly retro vibe, which will be perfect for a classic or a vintage interior design execution.

These are just five of the exciting interior design ideas you can try in 2015. Let your imagination run wild and think about your personal style when renovating. Interior design should be functional but it’s also a wonderful self-expression opportunity. Make good use of it and have fun!