Published : 4 November 2015

Funny, isn't it? In the past potential buyers asked questions about the number of bathrooms and whether the garage was remote-controlled. Then as solar power became more popular, they asked about the number of panels and kilowatts.

But possibly the biggest selling point among homes on the market today, is smart home technology.

The best smart home technology is intuitive, saves homeowners money, and contributes to a better quality of life. Along with these qualities, green homes are becoming an even bigger part of smart home technology.

Already great steps have been taken towards making our homes greener and smarter but there's a lot more to come in 2016.

We take a look at some of the gadgets you can buy now.

Chamberlain MyQ Garage

Never mind remote-controlled garage doors - MyQ Garage lets you monitor and control your garage from any location. Once installed - and the free app is downloaded - homeowners can receive alerts when the garage door opens or closes. There are no monthly service charges or other systems necessary. It works with most major brands of garage door openers, so there won’t be any need for further installations or upgrades.


Netamo Welcome

Netatmo is a home camera system with facial recognition. Once a person enters the home who Netatmo recognises, a notification is sent to the homeowner’s smartphone. Homeowners are also alerted if the camera sees a stranger. To prevent constant notifications, homeowners can control privacy settings and disable alerts if a family member enters the home.


LG Smarthome ThinQ Appliances

Yes, that's right. While smart home technology was once manufactured by just a handful of companies, with a price tag to match, more affordable companies like LG are now getting in on the act.

This app allows homeowners to chat with their smart appliances. Just send a message to LG HomeChat to control and communicate appliances. Download recipes, turn on the washing machine, or control the robot vacuum cleaner all while you’re at work or at home.


Philips Dynalite

Another well known brand making the move towards smart home technology. Philips Dynalite systems offer solutions for lighting control, energy management and complete home automation. Designed to be flexible and open, Philips Dynalite systems can be integrated with other brands easily and will allow for integration of new technologies as they appear.


Clipsal & C-Bus Control Systems

One of the most popular control systems in Australia, Clipsal C-Bus offers both wired and wireless solutions for integrated control of lighting, entertainment, air-conditioning and security – pretty much anything that plugs in!


Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat is an easy solution to a more energy-efficient and economical household. What's more, it's able to learn your schedule. It will adapt your environment to suit the way you live, and its developers insist the smart device can be installed inside of 30 minutes.

More importantly, the company claims the thermostat can save the average homeowner up to 20 per cent on utility bills.

Nest has also brought out the awesome Nest Cam, so you can spy on your pets when you're not at home! It captures 1080p video (up from 780p), has 8x digital zoom, night vision and two-way communication so you can yell at a burglar or listen to your dog bark.

Wi-Fi Coffee Machines

Now this one is sure to be popular! Smarter – the company behind the iKettle – recently introduced its new Wi-Fi Coffee Machines (149.99 EUR / $230 USD), not much to pay for a machine that will fix your morning coffee and have it ready for when you wake up.

The coffee machine is controllable from various mobile devices such as your tablet and/or smartphone and can adjust the strength to suit your tastes. Best of all, it will just make your coffee and NOT insist on a conversation!