New Initiative Delivers Solar To Tenants

Published : 18 January 2016

A new initiative by the Victorian Government could make tenants and landlords very happy in 2016.

The scheme will help deliver the benefits of solar power to renters - without landlords having to cough up the cash for installation.

Clean Energy Council Policy Manager Darren Gladman said more than 1.4 million households across Australia had installed solar power, but most of these were owner-occupiers motivated by saving money of their power bills.

“Landlords have rarely installed solar power to date, because they bear the cost and their tenants get the benefits,” he said.

“The changes by the Victorian Government mean that a solar company can install and maintain a solar power system at a rental household and provide cheaper power for the tenants – at no charge to the landlord. This arrangement is known as a solar power purchase agreement (PPA) and overcomes one of the biggest barriers to installing solar at a rental address.

“Not everyone is able to save up the money to buy their own home or buy a solar power system upfront, and this will help those on lower incomes to access the benefits available from solar. Victoria’s approach to solar PPAs is now more open and competitive than any other state or territory."