Published : 30 March 2016

With a new round of DIY and property TV shows hitting our screens, it seems Australia's renovation industry is enjoying another growth spurt, according to the latest report from the HIA.

The HIA - Housing Industry Association - recently released its Renovations Roundup, which provides an analysis of the home renovations market across every Australian state and territory.

HIA Senior Economist Shane Garrett said renovations activity in Australia had grown for the second consecutive year, rising by 4.4%.

Mr Garrett said repairs and maintenance were the most popular type of job within the report, followed by kitchen and bathroom renovations.

“A significant 24% of renovation jobs fall within the value range of $12,000 to $40,000. The survey also found that 13% of renovation jobs fell in the range of $200,000 to $400,000. This reflects demand for comprehensive renovation work which covers a large part of the footprint of an existing house and is an area of the renovations market that should gather momentum in coming years,” he said.



Major home renovations generally fall into two groups - there are renovations that will add value to your home for re-sale, such as new kitchens and bathrooms, and renovations that will add value to your lifestyle in that home, such as air-conditioning and swimming pools.

If you are planning to renovate your kitchen in 2016, there are some hot new trends emerging that will certainly give it the 'wow' effect.

Traditionally, we have always favoured stainless steel in our kitchens but this year, there will be a definite move towards warmer metallic hues, such as copper, brass and gold.

And while black, white and silver is always a stunning combo, I can see those warmer tones still blending well with blacks and greys. For a really sophisticated look, try pairing those metallic hues with chocolate, coffee and caramel colours.


Copper and brass

Considering that switch in metals, the next emerging trend is no surprise. Working with brass and copper allows us to introduce some vintage items to our decor, such as those lovely old copper pans. The secret here is to combine vintage and modern for a really contemporary look.

Another 'old' material that has been given a new lease of life is porcelain. Seems we are moving away from traditional stone and marble surfaces, instead favouring sintered compact surfaces - that is, high-density, low-porosity porcelain.

Extremely versatile, porcelain is not only good for bench tops, but also suitable for vertical surfaces, including doors.

Continuing the theme is an increased use of different textures in the kitchen. Don't be afraid to mix it up a bit, moving away from smooth, super sleek finishes, and adding visual and tactile materials.

Just keep in mind the purpose of the renovation - and budget accordingly. Is it for re-sale, or for your long-term use and enjoyment? Either way, renovating your kitchen or bathroom is a great investment to make in 2016.