Published : 12 August 2015

Everything old is new again; what goes around comes around - we've all heard the idioms. And when it comes to interior design it's actually very true. But most importantly, it says to me, have the courage of your convictions! If you prefer retro over stainless steel, just do it!

There's no doubting that a very large percentage of us love retro and vintage designs. Why else did are companies like SMEG bringing out 50s Retro Ranges? And stores like Harvey Norman can't keep up with the demand for vintage style toasters and kettles. Sure they might be in shiny pink or purple these days, but they still reflect the style of the past.


Right style for the right home

Now, I don't think there is anything wrong with hi-tech, ultra-modern kitchens with sleek clean lines and sparkling stainless steel. But I don't necessary think that's the right style for every home, or every person.

There are many reasons we look to the past for inspiration - and it can be as unassuming as simply liking the look. I've known people design their entire interior around one beloved piece of furniture or work of art!

But one reason might be the revival in Australia of relocatable homes. For many, particularly those with excellent DIY skills, this is a cheap way of putting a house on their land.

(If you don't have those skills, it can be a very expensive exercise, but that's another story!)

Many of these old homes still have the original kitchens fitted, so many buyers decide to keep that look, but simply update the appliances.


Express your individuality

For others, it's because they don't want to look like the house next door! They inspirational, individual designs that allow them to express their individuality - and I'm all for that!

Retro kitchens happily accept eye-catching colour combos. For some reason, it just seems to work, whether you go for bold 60s shades or the muted pastels of the 50s.

Retro can also be very creative - and economical, too! With the amazing range of specialist paint products on the market today, it's easy to create an aged look, or distressed, or maybe a whitewash. Replace cabinet handles with something old and you've immediately achieved the look with very little work, and even less expense.

And then there's the fun of dressing your vintage-style kitchen - spending hours scouring garage sales, and junk shops, and markets, discovering amazing, unique items that will look just awesome in your new/old kitchen.

Again, it's no coincidence that so many home decor stores now sell vintage-look jars and tins, prints, aprons etc.


A load of junk

A vintage-style kitchen can be endless tweaked, refined and added to - something much harder to do in a professionally designed, modern kitchen. You can add or swap vintage items as you find them, or get really creative and make your own. Even something as simple as an old glass jar, wrapped with garden twine, and filled with wild flowers can look sensational sat on that distressed pine dresser you found in the junk!

And that's the thing about going retro - it can be whatever you want it to be, and change it from one week to the next. So, if you like it, do it! Have the courage of your convictions and create your own unique style.