Published : 27 January 2016

Mention wallpaper to some people and they'll run a mile because, at some point in their lives, they will have spent days, nay weeks, scraping some hideous flock creation off the wall. But the big design news is that wallpaper is back for 2016 - and it's magnificent!

Exactly when wallpaper got such a bad name is hard to pinpoint. For if you look back through interior design history, you will discover some of the most beautiful and amazing designs, created specifically for that purpose.

One of the most famous designers was Australia's very own Florence Broadhurst. Born in rural Queensland in 1899, Florence was way ahead of her time in her designs, and her lifestyle. Right up until she met her untimely and violent death in 1977.


Unique and vibrant designs

Throughout her life she was a singer, an artist, a designer and a businesswoman, launching her revolutionary wallpaper company in 1959 in Sydney. Creating hundreds of unique and vibrant designs, her creations took Australia by storm. Soon they were being exported to America, Paris, Norway, the Middle East and even Peru!

Still working at age 78, Florence was brutally murdered in her Paddington wallpaper showroom in 1977 - a murder that remains unsolved.

After her death demand for her wallpapers, and fabrics, skyrocketed. And in 2002, Florence's timeless prints were acquired and re-launched by Signature Prints and are available to buy today. Indeed, some of her original prints are so fresh and modern, you'd think they had been designed this year.


Texture is king in 2016

As we once again fall in love with wallpaper, we will be spoilt for choice in 2016. Texture is the key word, giving flock a whole new meaning. I guess, as they say, what goes around, comes around.

For a 3D effect, think embossed, stamped, fabric and even metallic wallpapers. For a natural feel, there are amazingly realistic parodies of timber, stone, slate and brick.

Then there are surreal backgrounds of trees, water and sky that are works of art in themselves.

There is even interactive wallpaper, where the magnetic pattern can be rearranged to suit your mood!


All about illusion

Don't go overboard and paper every available surface, though. Think style. Perhaps wallpaper just one wall in a room. This is all about subtlety and illusion, and style.

And in this way, you can combine paper and paint, in creating your own unique look for 2016.

Whilst more expensive than paint up front, you must remember that quality wallpaper will continue to look good for up to 15 years, so it's cost-effective in the long run.

Wallpaper is also great for covering up surface imperfections, and adds depth and warmth to a room.

Never has there been such a marvellous selection of wallpapers on the market so, if you've ever wanted to give it a go, now's the time.