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You'd be hard-pressed to find somebody who had never stayed in a Bed & Breakfast - or B&B, as they are generally referred to - somewhere in the world!

Over the past few years our homes have become increasingly hi-tech, with amazing security systems, energy control and operation, remote this and remote that. In fact, it's getting to the stage where you can 'control' your home from [...]

Did you know that you don't need acreage in order to create a self-sufficient backyard? While the amount of food you can grow relies on the space available, you can aim for a degree of self-sufficiency even when apartment living. As we [...]

Selling a Caravan does not have to be as hard as a broker makes out...

Remember how our ancestors used to live in caves and we thought that was just because they didn't have the tools or knowledge to build real houses? Well, maybe they were onto something. Throughout civilisation certain tribes and races [...]

Although the same basic rules apply, selling a cafe or restaurant is very different from most other businesses. And it certainly takes plenty of preparation to do it properly.

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