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There comes a time in your life when you need to have a major clean-out. And if you're running a business from home, this can be even more important. Perhaps you're moving house, downsizing, moving overseas, or just can't stand the [...]

Tax time comes around every year, yet it still catches many businesses ill-prepared. Perhaps you've been meaning to get your paperwork in order all year, but never got around to it. Or maybe you're not sure of your legal obliga [...]

How many times have you seen a business advertised for sale 'Business for sale due to ill health'? Fairly often, right? Fatigue and burn-out account for the closure or sale of far too many small to medium businesses these days. [...]

Right now you're probably think 'Why do I need a paper filing system when the overall aim is for my business to go paperless?' It's a good point, and it's exactly why we are looking at issues such as minimising prin [...]

It's one of those things we always mean to do, isn't it? Backing up our computer files. We know we should but we're always too busy to get around to it (unless it's done automatically). So ask yourself this: if you were to lose [...]

Have you ever had an idea for a unique product or service, only to dismiss it as 'silly'? You're not alone. Only sometimes, it may not be as silly as you think! Where would we be today if George de Mestral hadn't been fasci [...]

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