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It’s a well-known fact that bathrooms and kitchens offer some of the biggest opportunities to add value to your home or investment property. They are certainly the main focal points for potential buyers or tenants. But if you had to [...]

Remorse is a common emotion among business owners that have decided to sell their company. Whether you have a small organic food shop or you’re the manager of a large corporation, seller’s remorse is likely to occur, especially if [...]

Congratulations on buying a new home! As exciting as this moment may be, it will also require you to make some on-the-spot practical decisions. As a new homeowner, you’ll have to take care of certain things right from the start. These [...]

If you’re thinking that real estate prices in your city are high, think again! Certain parts of the world have long been known for the very high residential property prices. These places are heaven for the owners but the story is comp [...]

The moment is probably the perfect one to consider selling your house since property prices across the biggest Australian cities are expected to continue increasing until the end of 2015, a new industry report suggests. The latest index data [...]

Whether you plan to sell your house right now or in the years to come, a few eco-friendly bathroom improvements can go a long way. Apart from appealing to potential buyers, such modifications will help you save a lot of money while you’re [...]

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