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As a busy business owner, probably wearing multiple hats, the last thing on your mind is filling in your car log! However, there are some very good reasons for trying to make the time. In the past, there were a few different ways of working [...]

The words 'sales targets' can strike fear into the heart of some, while enthusing and motivating others. Either way, if you're in business, they are something you have to have and, to be successful, have to meet. As with everyt [...]

Before we answer those questions, we should probably clarify exactly what information goes into an Employee Handbook. Whether you call it a company manual, staff manual or employee handbook, it's basically a document given to employees to [...]

An interesting debate in the media lately has been the effectiveness of social media for business, especially as far as SMEs are concerned. There are those who are for using social media extensively, and those that argue its not worth [...]

So, you've achieved your dream of running your own business. There's so much to do and you're always busy. In fact, there's not much time for anything else these days. The thing is, to enable your business to flourish and [...]

If you're in business, you probably spend a lot of time coming up with money-saving ideas. There must be ways of reducing those costs and overheads, right? Well, one of the most obvious is right under your nose. Implementing a well [...]

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