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One aspect of selling your business is rarely spoken about. Most guidebooks and articles focus on the strategy needed for a successful sale but few discuss the impact of handing your company to someone else.

Real estate experts predict that 2015 is going to be the year of the millennial property buyer. The millennials are individuals born after the early 1980s and their real estate preferences are completely different from what previous generat [...]

Thinking about moving, getting your house ready for a sale, negotiating with potential buyers and making sure that your kids are happy throughout the process – it could be a difficult task. Getting little ones used to the change will be very [...]

Selling the perfect house located in the perfect neighbourhood is a relatively easy task. How about selling a property that’s rather small and doesn’t really correspond to the industry ideal? In this instance, you’ll have to put a bit of [...]

Home buyers fall into several different categories that are based on their preferences and approach towards finding the perfect house. Do you know what type of home buyer you are and are you aware of your biggest strengths/weaknesses?

Thinking about the best Christmas present? How about giving yourself and the people that you love a new home this holiday season?

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