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In business, as in life, there are ups and downs, good days and bad. In commerce, this is known as the Boom and Bust Cycle. The secret to success is to learn how to survive those periods. The Boom and Bust Cycle can affect any sized organi [...]

Don't you just love it when 'experts' make sensational claims that prove to be, well, wrong! For years now we've been hearing that 'print is dead' and 'magazines are dead', yet they're still here. In fact [...]

A recent survey has revealed that one of the top home-based jobs for 2017 is writing and selling an eBook. Who would have thought it! Very different from writing and publishing traditional books, this is a great outlet for somebody with a lot [...]

Whatever business you are in, the likelihood is that it will only survive if you make sales. Be it a cafe or a consultancy, a motel or a mechanical workshop, it all hinges on attracting customers and making sales. And as we all know, that [...]

So, you've bought an accommodation business, opened the doors, and you're waiting for guests to arrive. The trouble is, you're not getting the numbers or the frequency that you hoped for. This was supposed to be easy, a lifestyle [...]

One thing we know for sure: our customers are quicker to criticise, than to praise! So what's the best way to handle negative comments? Nobody likes criticism, particularly if they feel they are working hard to do a good job. The reason [...]

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