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Burra (Post Code: 5417)

The area around Burra in South Australia has a prominent history, as it encompasses the former District Councils of Burra Burra, which in 1851 had a reported population of 5,000 making it the seventh largest town in Australia and the largest inland settlement.

In the past, the district was heavily reliant on mining industries as the integral part of its economy, but since the mines shut down many years ago, agriculture and tourism have become the major industries.

The town and mine are both well preserved with many original buildings, including the pump engine house, which today houses a museum. Several chimneys from the mining industry have survived and a tourist trail showcases the old Redruth Gaol, miners’ dugout cottages in the creek bank, a row of miners' cottages built in 1850, the cellars of the demolished Unicorn Brewery and other historic places.

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