It is highly likely that most people in the western world have heard of Byron Bay. For starters, this wonderful seaside town in the far north-eastern corner of New South Wales, attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors, who spend more than $400 million every year.
It is also famous throughout the world for its surf beaches, lighthouse, skydiving, whale watching and Cape Byron Marine Park.
It was in the 1960s that the longboard surfers started arriving, heralding the start of a new era for the town. By 1973, it was hippy heaven, thanks to the Aquarius Festival in nearby Nimbin and, even today, the area still exudes that sense of peace and relaxation.
Of course, the town has grown over the years, and now manages to combine its original charm with a sense of style and sophistication. I hate to use the word 'trendy', but I guess Byron Bay is just that! And certainly the town's cafes and restaurants benefit from that label.
If you are planning to sell a cafe in Byron Bay, there are many advantages working in your favour. One of the main ones is the way in which your industry has evolved in this area. Despite its laidback, alternative feel, the town's culinary experiences are not all brown rice and mung beans! In fact, Byron Bay is becoming increasingly known for its amazing local produce, and gourmet dining.
What is the style of your cafe? Are your customers predominantly tourists or locals? Do you shape your menu around seasonal local produce? Has your cafe won awards? These are all good points on which to focus while marketing your business.
Remember, you need to market your cafe to ALL potential buyers, rather than focussing on a particular type of buyer. In a town like Byron Bay, it's quite possible your buyer will be local, perhaps a chef working at another establishment. Or maybe your cafe will appeal to a buyer who has holidayed in Byron Bay, loves it and wants to make the sea-change.
Do you currently run the cafe yourself, or do you have a manager? Are your staff trained and capable of working with little supervision? These points will help you market the business to an investor, who wants minimal hands-on involvement but is seeking a good ROI.
Or perhaps you run your business with your partner or family? So you can also market it to that group of buyers, selling the idea of a lifestyle business in the ultimate location.
Food and wine tourism is growing rapidly, and Byron Bay has already bought into this with gourmet food trails, thriving cellar doors and Paddock to Plate initiatives. Thanks to its wonderfully fertile volcanic soils, this area is right up there these days, successfully competing with the Barossa and Hunter Valley, Tasmania and the Margaret River as a foodie's must-visit destination.
Using this type of information, supported by local tourism statistics and your own financials, you can successfully market your cafe to a wide range of potential buyers, without ever paying a cent in commission. 
With so many positives at your fingertips, there really is no need to pay a broker or real estate agent to make your sale. Better instead to work with an organisation that supports owners in selling their own business or property, such as Coast to Coast Media.
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