Selling a Cafe Harvey Bay

Selling A Cafe In Hervey Bay

When Hervey Bay was named in the top three Queensland areas for growth and return on investment a couple of years ago, they weren't kidding! Increasingly popular with not only retirees, but also young families, the area continues to go from strength to strength.
In fact, the current Fraser Coast Region population is 103,291, and it is forecast to grow to 144,833 by 2036.
The start of the area's growth came largely from the high number of Fly In Fly Out workers in the region and, despite a downturn in the resources market, Hervey Bay just continued to grow.
Mind you, why wouldn't it? This stunning coastal centre ticks all the boxes! Location, lifestyle, ever improving transport links, great shopping, new schools and hospitals . . . the list just goes on.
Hervey Bay is not only the gateway to beautiful Fraser Island, but it also has one of the few north-facing beaches in Queensland!
Obviously this is great news for all local business owners, and they would have experienced good steady growth over the last few years. However, it's even better news if your business benefits from both local trade, and the growing number of tourists. And that basically means any hospitality business!
If you're thinking of selling a cafe in Hervey Bay, you couldn't have timed it better. With most hospitality businesses located along the beach or around the marina, it's a potential gold mine! Sell it now, with the promise of substantial summer trade, or market it in the autumn, using the summer trading figures to reinforce its potential.
Tourism in Hervey Bay has skyrocketed, due to its easy accessibility from major cities, wonderful climate, natural beauty and, of course, it still boasts the best whale-watching experience in the State.
All of these facts can be built into your marketing presentation, making it impossible for any potential buyer to resist! 
When it comes to the hospitality business, a cafe often appeals more to a buyer than a restaurant or hotel. It tends to be less responsibility, less time consuming, more adaptable and can quickly be given an update with a new menu. It also has the flexibility to cater to both the eat-in crowd, and workers and tourists who just want to grab something to go.
Depending on whether the cafe is licensed, it's usual for this type of business to be more of a daytime commitment, making it perfect for a family buyer.
There may be plenty of positives on your side but, if you are selling your cafe, you should still ensure that the business is tidy, clean and well maintained, systems updated and all financials in place.
Quite honestly, if I was selling a cafe in Hervey Bay, I wouldn't even consider paying a business broker to do it! There's no need. The place will virtually sell itself, but the broker will still expect his or her commission!
Far better to market it through an independent organisation, like Coast to Coast Media, where you can access all the services you need, but will never pay a cent in commission. 
Organisations like this, that are family-run and not affiliated with any agency, came about because business owners were fed-up with paying so much commission. For a fraction of the cost, you can access professional services, like graphic design and copywriting, receive excellent advice, and benefit from the company's very active Buyer Matching Service.
It's a no-brainer really!