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Selling a Restaurant in Brisbane

Selling Your Restaurant in Brisbane Is Easy With Coast To Coast Magazine

Restaurants can be hard work, but they can also be rewarding! A lot of times it is hard to fathom selling your restaurant in Brisbane while you are immersed in the business and working hard to actually run it. Once you have actually made the decision to sell, it can be quite easy. 

Contact Coast to Coast Magazine today to find out how we can help, and how easy it can be to sell your restaurant.

A couple of tips to consider to help in the preparation of sale of your Brisbane restaurant are:

How long has your Brisbane restaurant been operating?

Is the premises in a presentable state of repair?

Do you have financial records to match your asking price?

Does your Brisbane Restaurant enjoy repeat business or mostly tourists? Is there a database of these clients?

Do you have reliable staff?

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We talk about it, we blog about it, we post pictures of it on our SM sites, and there's an entire TV channel dedicated to it. Food! Never have we been more obsessed with what and where we're eating!

So it's no surprise that statistics show a marked increase in the number of Australians choosing to dine out.

Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics reveals that household spend on dining out has jumped more than 55% since the 1980s and, where households spent one-fifth of their weekly food budget on eating out in 1984, today that figure is closer to one-third.

That's great news for cities like Brisbane, where the restaurant scene is thriving and ever expanding, with plenty of newly-opened venues to put on your must-try list.

It's also great news for those in the business of buying or selling restaurants.

The GFC saw this sector of the market falter but recovery has been quick, due to our renewed appetite for eating out, lower interest rates, government business incentives and the nation's fixation with cooking shows.

Brisbane's restaurant scene is vibrant and growing, and that in itself is attracting more buyers and more diners. And, it seems, anything goes!

From fine dining to funky, Brisbane's food scene has a truly cosmopolitan feel and you can quite literally eat your way around the world. The types of restaurants vary from high priced, high quality, to pavement eateries where you sit on a wooden box!

It's this diversification that makes it so great, so popular - and so successful.

The 'food service' - cafes, restaurants, catering and takeaway - has been amongst the strongest performers in retail, according to figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, with the average annual growth rate in the decade to 2012-13 being 3.7%.

And that doesn't look likely to stop anytime soon. Indeed, a Commbank Signals' report in March showed the average Aussie dines out around four times a month, spending $70 a week at cafes, takeaway shops and restaurants.

Here at Coast to Coast Media we help clients buy and sell restaurants all over Australia - and we do that WITHOUT charging any commission or broker fees. We believe that money is better off in the client's pocket.

Selling a restaurant is different from selling many other businesses, and it requires careful planning and preparation. And buyers vary, too, from investors, to chefs, to families.

Coast to Coast Media's team of professionals can advise you, design and write your advertising, and connect you with serious buyers or sellers, through its national publication and online.

Tried and tested over many years, our approach is most certainly a recipe for success!