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We sold our business through Coast to Coast. The response we had on our ad was fantastic and the staff were very helpful and friendly and always followed up on potential buyers. For us it has been a great way of advertising because there are no hidden fees or commission. We highly recommend Coast to Coast to anyone wanting to sell their business.

Peter Roefs

My partner and I both enjoyed working with Coast to Coast with good communication throughout the selling process and quality aftercare to ensure all was well with our transaction. I would certainly recommend the magazine for anyone tired of paying commission to estate agents along with a wonderful photo spread to showcase your property.

Robert Cameron

Thank you to all at coast to coast for the help in selling our Tourist park (Freehold & business). It was on the market for a long time with real estate agents to no avail – selling within months with Coast to coast. We found support within the team from initially advertising both online & in the magazine. Calling us each time we had someone interested & collecting feedback gave us confidence to hang in resulting in our sale. The girls seem to take a personal interest, portray a professional attitude and produced a successful result. We would certainly recommend these guys. Thanks again - & keep up the good work.

Tony & Vicki Hamilton

We had a 30 acre macadamia farm to sell. Not an easy task but we saw no reason why we should not create our own advertisement and use internet technology to promote and sell it ourselves. The service offered by Coast to Coast perfectly met our needs and they converted our pictures and words into a professional format for the magazine and the internet. Yes, it took some time to find a buyer but no longer than other farm sellers using agents. At the same time we had the immense satisfaction of doing it ourselves and avoiding those irritating agents fees.

Peter & Clair Fleming

Dear Natalie, Thank you, first for the fantastic job Coast to Coast did in advertising ‘Pingine’. We were amazed at the interest shown. I was told recently that properties were going to become very valuable and after watching the news recently the alternative investments are becoming very risky. The best investment on earth is earth (quote by L.J. Hooker). I would also like to thank Courtney and Kara for being so helpful. It was a real pleasure doing business with you. We have two buyers that are both interested. Your help was very much appreciated.

Helen & David Ewan

Lucky for us the people who purchased our business were also in the same magazine as us. I’m really happy with the way everything went and I will be looking in the magazine if I wish to purchase again. 

Kim Barnes

I love it, well done; if we don’t get enquiry from that we never will. Thank you so much.

Bob Crombie

I owned a café in a small town that was struggling to stay afloat. After months of spending thousands in my local newspaper to try to sell my business – I realised the same people were seeing it for sale week after week, month after month so I decided to look for something that took my advertising dollar further afield. I discovered Coast to Coast in my local newsagency, called them the next day and had an advertising campaign worked out in a matter of minutes. For the first time, my business was being seen by interstate buyers and that is exactly who ended up buying it. I never knew Coast to Coast existed so now I tell everyone about it, so much so, I’m about to advertise one of my properties with them. It saved me not only money but my sanity as well! Thanks team, what a great product!

Tony Kovac

I advertised and sold my outback hotel with Coast to Coast as I knew my buyer wouldn’t be a local and I was right. I was inundated with enquiries and I even got an interested buyer from Italy! Would recommend them to anyone who was wanting to sell privately.

Steve Gregory

I sold my mobile food van through the Coast to Coast Magazine. It was quick, it was easy and there were no commissions once I sold. It doesn’t get much simpler that that. Thank you.

Bob Turner

Thank you to the overwhelming response in your buyer match service, we sold within a couple of weeks of having the advertisement in your magazine. We even had a second offer who wanted to buy if the sale fell through. Exceptional results for just one listing with Coast to Coast.

Alan Careswell

Hi Tracey, you are a legend. Well done it looks great. Please go ahead and run it as is. Thank you for the extra effort you put in. I appreciate it immensely.

Matt Ferguson

I wish to personally congratulate you on the most successful advertising medium I have ever used. This I do not say lightly as I measure my advertising very diligently. As an Agent who puts together packages for small business people to sell their own business without commission, I am looking for them to be successful with little trouble. My last client I directed to Coast to Coast was Murphy’s Town Pub, within the first 48 hours of the last edition of the year being on the shelves for purchase I received 18 calls in relation to the business. Total number of calls 38 in a week “WOW” that is value for money. The numerous small clients I have directed to this company have all registered the best responses and from all States of Australia – far ahead of the usual considered medium’s. The small businesses I direct to this advertising range from Hotels, Smash Repairs, Gym’s, Butchers, acreage in fact any small operation that wish to sell themselves – all of them registering success in response. Congratulations Coast to Coast.

Sue Barker

Thank you very much indeed for creating such a superb A4 page for advertising in the January/February edition of ‘Coast to Coast’. I am delighted with the outcome.

David Gilbert

We have been advertising regularly in Coast to Coast Magazines for over 4 years under our Elders banner and now as Ray White – with a regular full page ad and specific ads for clients and we are extremely happy with the service and results. We find the staff to be very cooperative, helpful and capable of producing innovative & attractive layouts in a well presented magazine. Because of its wide distribution network, Coast to Coast issues always produce enquiries from all over Australia resulting in a number of sales & our clients are happy with the wide coverage provided. It has been great for our business promotion & we are happy to continue regular advertising in the magazine.

Murray Luke

Very happy with the short time it took to sell our business with Coast to Coast.

Don Mills

I would like to say a huge thank you to Natasha, she not only got me on board but sold our property with the buyer match scheme. Thank you Natasha! Quite frankly without her talking to me and convincing (not pushing), I would not have advertised with coast to coast. She deserves a promotion!

Ali Niven

Very grateful to Coast to Coast for selling my Garbage Truck, I had more than 10 genuine enquiries and sold it to the first one that contacted me.

Rodney Elatm

Just a quick note to thank you and the other staff for your assistance in getting our ad in the latest edition. Gerry and I have been very impressed with the level of service and attention to detail. We received our copy today and everything you promised has been done – well done and keep up the good work! We did some advertising for our other business about 4 months ago in a Tasmanian publication and we are getting at least one call a week from the company inviting us to advertise again. We have yet to see a copy of the ad and editorial they were doing for us in the publication which came out 3 months ago! Every single person who calls promises to get a copy to us and still nothing happens. We’ve told them there is no chance of our business until they can fulfill on the past promises. Still waiting!! You can see why we’re so impressed with you guys – may thanks!

Sue Hopkins

We advertised our ‘home/web based business’ four times over the course of six months with the Coast to Coast Business Advertiser. Which ended in a great result and we saved ourselves thousands in brokerage fees and couldn’t be happier. We are now enjoying retirement!

Karen & Rob Van Der Veen

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